About Mike

I feel a little silly writing about myself in the third person, but that's what happens at the "About ____" portions of web sites, so:

Mike is a veteran of the Rochester, NY media and a reviewer of movies, tv, music, concerts and shows.  As a producer or executive producer, he's worked for 13-WHAM TV, NewsRadio 1180 WHAM, News 10 NBC (WHEC) and Fox Rochester (WUHF).  As a writer, he's posted reviews online, has done freelance work for corporations and was on staff at Kodak when they had a company newsletter.

He's currently the executive producer of "13 WHAM News This Morning" on Rochester's 13-WHAM and CW-16.  

He is a 1990 graduate of St. John Fisher College in Rochester, where he majored in Communications/Journalism.  He was born and raised in Canastota, NY.

That's not a mullet, it's just long hair.

E-mail:  mikedigiorgio@aol.com
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"You can burn my house, you can cut my hair, you can make me wrestle naked with a grizzly bear, you can poison my cat, baby I don't care....
But if you talk in the movies, I'll kill you right there..."
-- Alice Cooper, "It's The Little Things"